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We work with language learners at all levels from total beginners to advanced.

All courses are tailor-made for each of our student's varying goals and needs

We can help you to improve your:

  • Fluency - speaking confidently.

  • Comprehension - understanding easily.

  • Grammatical accuracy - correct speaking and writing. 

  • Slang/Idiom/Natural English - expanding your vocabulary.

  • Pronunciation - speaking clearly.

  • Presentation - speaking clearly and professionally. 

  • Business & Academic writing - writing for work, for an exam, or for school (any level). 

  • More - just ask! 

Our approach:

You talk, and we correct. Our language coaches will carefully listen to your speech to identify trouble areas and make corrections. We encourage you to talk as much as possible! Our coaches are there to help. 

Every coach will also keep a Google folder and Google document to track your progress and provide real-time corrections. You will be given all necessary resources by your coach, and lessons can be recorded at request.

Cameras can also be used during lessons, but that is entirely up to you. Teachers and students arrange their own schedules, and you can switch your coach at any time. However, most students will stay with their first coach since they are usually able to create a positive and effective relationship.