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RealTalk, Online English Language Program


  • Lesson payment is expected at the time of booking. 

  • Once payment is confirmed, immediate booking is available and the client will be contacted by the Owner, Alys Sink.

  • Payments for lessons are through Paypal in American currency (USD). 

  • Paypal accepts payments with VISA, Mastercard, JCB, and American Express.

  • Purchase of a package serves as agreement to the below policies. 


  • Email Address

  • First and Last Name

  • Skype ID

Student information is held confidential and never given or sold to any third parties.


  • STUDENTS must give their TEACHER 24 hours notice of any lesson change or cancellation. If the STUDENT fails to provide 24 hours notice, or does not show to the lesson, then the STUDENT will be charged the full cost of that lesson (1 credit). 

  • STUDENTS may reschedule a canceled session for a later day, if they have provided 24 hours notice to the TEACHER.

  • TEACHERS must give STUDENTS 24 hours notice of any lesson change or cancellation. If the TEACHER fails to provide 24 hours notice, or does not show to the lesson, then a free lesson credit will be added to the STUDENT's account (1 credit). 

  • A fifteen (15) minute waiting period is mutually agreed upon by the STUDENT and the TUTOR before cancelling the session. (i.e. if the tutoring session was scheduled at 7pm, both the STUDENT and the TUTOR will wait for each other, as the case might be, until 7:15pm).

  • If after 15 minutes one of the parties does not show, the session will be cancelled and the conditions stated above will apply. If within the 15-minute waiting period the conditions to have the session are met, then the lesson will start and will continue for the remaining amount of time (e.g. if a session starts at 7:05pm, it will end at 7:55pm).

  • A cancellation may be given by email or by Skype message; however, email should be first attempted whenever possible so that an alternate time may be arranged. For this reason, the STUDENT and the TUTOR should provide all possible means of contact below.



  • A full refund of any unused credits will remain available for two weeks (14 days) following the initial purchase date.

  • There is no refund available beyond this two week (14 day) period.


  • Registration is free. There are no additional material costs.

  • All STUDENTS are required to take a free 25 minute interview with a TEACHER prior to starting a lesson package. 

  • 1 lesson is 1 credit. 

  • 1 lesson is 55 minutes.

After you purchase a package, credits can be used until they are gone.



  • Purchased credit remains active for 60 days following a purchase.

  • If the student has become inactive within 60 days following the purchase date, purchased credits are no longer refundable and are considered void.

  • Exceptions may be made for those students who request an extension. 

Cost of an internet communication environment will be borne by the student themselves.

Students will provide their own PC, speakers, microphone, headset, and Skype download.






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Learning a language requires daily practice and review. 

It is the STUDENT’s responsibility to practice and attend lessons in order to achieve increased proficiency.

The TUTOR will act as a facilitator in this learning process and will help the STUDENT in the areas where they require more attention and work; however, the TUTOR will NOT be responsible for the STUDENT’s entire learning process.