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I decided to study English with RealTalk because it was a flexible online system. I had two main objectives when I studied with Alys [at RealTalk]: 1. Improving my writing and speaking fluency to take the TOEFL; and, 2. Improving my English to complete a Master’s degree in the US. 
During that time, Alys was so helpful because she focused on what I needed. We made a work plan with specific topics and grammar lessons that we wanted to cover, and she answered all my doubts and corrected my mistakes one by one. It was also fun, because we covered interesting topics while I was practicing!

After a couple of months of classes with Alys, I achieved the TOEFL score I needed and was accepted into a Masters program with Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

I recommend Alys [at RealTalk] 100% to other students. Alys is a wonderful person, and she is a very professional and dedicated teacher. She always has the best attitude, energy, and empathy to help students achieve their goals.  In the end, she truly becomes your friend.

My advice for future students is to be persistent with your English, don’t be afraid of mistakes, and have fun. Use all the resources that Alys provides to you and practice as much as you can!


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